vintage-inspired cotton yarn ostrich with crown and necklace. Custom.

vintage-inspired cotton yarn ostrich with crown and necklace. Custom.


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Ostrich with cotton crown spun in vintage circus style.
This vintage-inspired ostrich will evoke exotic and fantastic atmospheres. These little characters are born from my imagination, and are made in several stages. Every little detail is designed to strongly characterize the characters.
It will be a precious gift for you or someone special. Usable all year round, it will make a nursery, children's room or a delightful corner of the house special. One will be enough to embellish your tree and your Christmas decorations.

Each object is a unique piece. The subject you will receive cannot be identical to the one shown but only strongly similar.

The texture of the object is similar to papier-mâché, but it is a very different technique. The toy is light and resistant, hard to the touch and with a very material aged texture. If it falls it will not break, but pay attention to the small details that may come off.

It will be shipped with wire to hang it and protected with paper inside a box. The attention to detail of the packaging will make the gift even more special.

The technique used is ancient and was born in Germany in 1800. This is the use of cotton wool to make small ornaments and toys. In my personal reinterpretation I use iron wire to create the soul of the object, and I model it with fabric and paper. In this way I can also recycle the small cuts that come left over from other jobs. The character thus formed will be covered with cotton wool, colored with acrylic paints, decorated in several stages and subsequently covered with a matte transparent varnish as protection. The whole process takes days. The created object is light and durable. Nevertheless, you have to pay close attention to the small details, accessories, and additional decorations it can have.
It is not a toy, and is therefore unsuitable for handling by children.

ECO FRIENDLY: these items are packaged and shipped using only paper and other recyclable materials.

International shipping will be made by international registered mail, and delivery times are variable. Contact me if you wish to upgrade by courier and receive the package within a few days.
Due to delays due to the COVID-19 outbreak and consequent potential delays by couriers, it is possible that the package will not arrive on the originally estimated date.

The items are created in an environment where you do not smoke.

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